SALESFORCE SERVICES is the world’s leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) and as a developer of cloud based solutons, Chayse is glad to be working in partnership with SalesForce to deliver these services to the West African market. As partners, we offer clients an impressive weight of experience in a relatively new field of endeavour. Our clients get everything they expect from SaaS – CRM capabilities on demand, without the upfront investment – but they also get something much more unusual. Whereas many companies see SaaS as limited to departmental or point solutions, we can help you make it into a strategic component of your IT landscape, delivering business processes from the cloud that are fully integrated with other systems, both on-demand and on-premise.’s CRM applications manage customer information for over 72,000 customers, including some of the world’s largest companies. In February 2010 it looked set to become the first enterprise cloud computing company to exceed $1.4bn annual revenue. Capgemini was among the first system integration specialists to get to grips with the practicalities of cloud, and has built extensive services and skills, particularly for integrating cloud applications with legacy systems. Our implementation approach has been tailored to the special requirements of cloud and SaaS. That means that businesses adopting can draw on mature integration capabilities without worrying that we’ll overcomplicate matters, as some integrators have been accused of doing. is the enterprise cloud computing company that has transformed the way companies collaborate and communicate. is leading the effort to bring Cloud 2, the next paradigm for computing, to the enterprise by offering its customers the social collaboration, mobility and openness that are the hallmark of this new world. The company’s platform and application services include:


Salesforce Chatter, a private social network for your enterprise


The Sales Cloud, for sales force automation and contact management


The Service Cloud, for customer service and support solutions


Radian6, for social media monitoring and engagement


The Jigsaw Data Cloud, for ensuring data integrity and quality


The platform, for custom application development


 Heroku, for building social and mobile apps in Ruby


 The AppExchange, the world’s leading marketplace for enterprise cloud computing applications, the world's first enterprise cloud database


Chayse has been implementing cloud solutions since 2007. Our experience spans service selection, development, configuration, integration, and data migration. We have one of the largest dedicated SaaS practices of any UK systems integrator. Services provided by us to complement include:

  • Advisory services such as product comparison, architecture and TCO evaluation
  • Web development, including construction of customer and partner portal
  • Development around Salesforce’s cloud platform for business apps
  • ​Integration services, whether “cloud to cloud” or “cloud to on-premise”


Our Other Services
  • Bespoke Application Development

    Chayse offer unbeatable value for money in terms of the quality and cost effectiveness of the custom software development services we provide. We have solid and proven expertise in a variety of areas Read More

  • Consulting

    We are creative thought leaders and natural problem solvers. We never lose sight of the big picture, but are able to dive into the details of a client's business need and its solution. Read More

  • Hosting

    Chayse has partnered with Rackspace to provide you with fully managed hosting solutions designed for scalability, 100% network uptime guarantee, and live 24x7x365 support. Read More

  • Networking

    We are an authorised reseller of DrayTek products allowing us to provide very competitive pricing for all DrayTek products from home routers to business level VPN and firewall security systems. Read More

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